Lead Generation for Scaling B2B Businesses

Proven track record of driving leads for B2B Businesses

We've helped more than 47 B2B businesses 5-10X their leads

Fueling your sales Pipeline

By prioritising qualified leads, it is our quest to make sure that every entry into your pipeline is a valuable asset, nurturing long-term partnerships, high-value clients, and game-changing sales. With Inska, we aim to fill your sales pipeline through the acquisition of prospects that truly matter.

& Filtered Leads

The most profitable marketing funnels are designed to sift through the noise, filtering out the time-wasters and focusing solely on prospects that align seamlessly with your target audience. Elite lead generation is all about filtering qualified leads for exponential growth.



Land the Big One

Landing the big one is the ultimate pursuit for B2Bs – whether it be by forging game-changing partnerships, securing high-value clients, or achieving groundbreaking sales. Inska’s scalable marketing solutions are your key to landing those game-changing opportunities.

A Proven Process for B2B Lead Generation Success

Partners in B2B Success

1 - Business Discovery​

Connect with Inska to understand your B2B Lead Generation efforts and objectives to gain a crystal clear understanding of your unique needs and goals.

2 - Market Research & Planning

Next, let’s identify growth opportunities in your target market, to shape a strategy tailored to your business.

3 - Channel Selection

Based on meticulous market research, we select the most effective account based or digital marketing channels, whether its Google Ads, email marketing, telemarketing, or other avenues, to ensure maximum reach and engagement.



4 - Performance Tracking

Now it’s time to harness robust performance tracking using tools like Google Analytics, guaranteeing that we precisely monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns.

5 - Campaign Development

Our marketing experts invest their creativity and expertise in constructing campaigns that not only stand out but grab the attention of your intended audience, promoting lasting engagement.

6 - Activation, Optimisation & Execution

We bring your campaigns to life, and through continuous optimisation, we ensure they remain powerful tools that resonate with your target prospects, ultimately delivering the results that drive your business forward.

Forging B2B Partnerships through trusted advice & track record of performance

30 +
7 Years B2B
Industry Focus

35% increase in volume of leads

Through calculated data-backed precision, Inska has optimised the Google & Facebook Ads of a globally renowned heavy vehicle workshop equipment supplier, increasing overall leads by 35% consistently.

$100,000 in one Google Ad campaign

Through one customised Google Ads campaign by Inska, our retail fixture client received a $100,000 lead, paid upfront within 1 week from the order. How’s that for return on investment?

10x eCommerce scale

In just 2 years, Inska has played an instrumental role in upscaling e-commerce sales for a prominent modular display system business up to 10 times their previous sales performance.

Increase Leads for your Business with Inska

Ben Sealey
Chief Executive Officer

Ben is the founder and thought leader of lead generation mastery that is INSKA - the driving force of effective lead generation campaigns.

Ramzy Ibrahim
Head of Digital

A true business mind, Ramzy is the brains behind Inska’s hyper-successful digital and e-commerce track record, helping multi-figure companies scale faster.