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Grab Attention, and Keep It

Packaging & Print

Grab Attention, and Keep It

Customers buy things simply because of how they look. It may sound irrational, and yes, it is, but we’ve all done it at some point. Here at Inska, we embrace this behaviour and understand that it means brands must stand out to win. We help brands create packaging and print designs that appeal to customer behaviours, command attention, delight customers and drive brand loyalty.

Packaging Design

Maximize Your Miniature Billboard

Product packaging is an extension of your brand – when people see it, they see you. Inska helps brands maximize this branding and marketing opportunity through thoughtful, clean, and exceptionally creative packaging designs. Whether you want FMCG packaging or consumer electronics packaging, we can help create a unique packaging design that will make your products stand out on the shelf and online. 

The Inska Difference

Our team of in-house branding specialists and designers are the foundation of your packaging design success. Working as a cohesive cross-functional team lead by a Product Manager, our team applies different elements of branding and design to your packaging project. Informing this whole process is an unwavering focus on your brand, ensuring all design elements, from the most prominent to the most obscure, adhere to the design brief and brand guidelines.

Harness the Power of Print

Unlike most other media, brochures, posters, and other print materials seem to have weathered the digital revolution. Customers still love to hold or view physical messaging in beautifully designed media. Here at Inska, our digital expertise has not delinked us from the roots of traditional print marketing. Whether you need a large poster, full-colour catalogue, or simple mail-in brochure, we have the technical chops to over-deliver on your expectations. 

The Inska Difference

Print may be old school, but to us, it’s still an effective marketing channel for select scenarios. As an old hand at marketing, we advise clients on the best print campaigns to run and then develop and run the campaigns for them. Our creative team has tons of experience using design software like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create stunning designs destined for print. 

Point of Sale

Solve the Checkout Challenge

Most brands wonder how to maximize sales at the point of checkout. Since customers are already ready to buy (they are standing in line to pay), Inska helps brands device innovative checkout marketing campaigns to capture this ready opportunity. Through creative marketing tools like checkout brochures, checkout banners, shelf strips, checkout marketing stands, checkout stickers, wobblers, and more, we help businesses maximize sales at checkout.

The Inska Difference

Inska’s extensive experience in the FMCG and hospitality fields make us an old hand when it comes to optimizing checkout sales. We understand the unique quirks of different types of goods and outlets and what trends to follow in the space. Inska’s creative team, with a project manager spearheading the campaign, develops innovative concepts that capture customer’s attention without appearing obtrusive or obstructive.

Get to the Point

Banners and signage have the most significant impact when they get to the point fast! Because they are all about impact, Inska designs all banners and signage to have a wow factor. We know it’s not enough just to create something visually appealing; it must have that immediate impact, within 8 seconds to be precise, that stops people in their tracks. It’s why we’ve put together a team of obsessive creatives who won’t quit until your banner or signage makes a statement. 

The Inska Difference

Inska’s banner and signage philosophy is simple – stop people in their tracks within 8 seconds. We crack this difficult speed limit through relentless copywriting and design, all while staying true to the design brief and your brand guidelines. When you work with Inska, you’ll quickly discover we are a bunch of extremely passionate folks, driven by excellence in design and measurable results for our clients. 


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