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Long Live SEO

SEO & Analytics

Long Live SEO

SEO is not dead; it’s just become more nuanced. Inska helps brands implement SEO in the right way, so they benefit from the long-term benefits of an effective SEO strategy. Tracking the results of your SEO efforts requires detailed analytics. Inska is on hand to set up, track, and monitor SEO efforts, so you know that you are getting a good return on your marketing investment.

Search Engine Optimisation

Rule the SERPs

If you are wondering whether SEO is still worth it, Forrester found that 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine search. Inska implements battle-tested SEO strategies to push your website to the top of search results and keep it there. We begin with a well-thought-out, technically sound strategy that includes keyword research, a website and content audit, and a SERP assessment. From there, we implement a comprehensive SEO campaign aimed at unseating your competition and establishing you as King/Queen of the SERP.

The Inska Difference

Inska differentiates itself through a comprehensive360-degree approach to SEO. Since we understand that SEO is not just about blogging regularly, we employ a host of tactics like content clusters, pillar content, skyscraper content, and social media syndication to generate SEO results quickly. Although SEO is a long-term strategy, we approach it with an immediacy and urgency that helps you leap-frog the competition as soon as possible.

Track, Measure, Optimize, Repeat

Data is at the heart of all successful business strategies, and marketing isn’t any different. By putting in place the correct analytics and reporting tools, Inska helps brands harness the power of the data they collect to drive marketing success. Tracking and measuring everything from website visits to clicks to heat maps, we unpack all the various ways your customers interact with your website and marketing efforts, so we can improve them and help you close more sales or gain more leads.

The Inska Difference

Tracking website visits is just one tiny aspect of website analytics. Inska delves deeper into this data to uncover behavioural trends, messaging gaps, and navigational bottlenecks so you can create a more effective marketing experience. By presenting this data in clear, jargon-free reports, we help you fully comprehend the effects of all marketing decisions and how making changes can positively influence outcomes.

Conversion Optimisation

Throughput Over Output

Throwing more money at ads can drive more business, but not in a sustainable way. Inska helps you turn more existing clicks into dollars through conversion rate optimization, so you can earn more while spending less. By implementing effective CRO strategies, we help increase the value of each website visitor while significantly lowering your customer acquisition costs (CAC), a factor that can dramatically transform your marketing efforts for the better.

The Inska Difference

CRO is the secret sauce to phenomenally successful marketing campaigns, and we happen to be experts at whipping it up. Digging deep into your marketing campaigns beyond the calls-to-action and headlines, we focus on understanding your business and customers and identifying the common threads that link the two. From this understanding, we formulate tailored CRO strategies that adapt to your audience’s behaviours, reeling them in gently and helping you turn more of them into customers.


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