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The Power Of Print

Our post-pandemic world is constantly evolving and increasing digitally, but some things have a timeless resonance — like the power of printed media. When it comes to sharing information, connecting with others, and establishing your brand in a B2B world, print is hard to beat.

Somewhere between the dawn of the Internet and the age of social media, business generally lost its faith in print marketing. Now, 66% of customers feel overwhelmed and turned off by an endless barrage of online ads. Online marketing has created its own worst nightmare – and a prodigal industry is having a change of heart. 

As a response to changed pandemic lifestyles where much of our day is working and socializing in an online world, people are spending more time with print. Print is ideal for Brand investment given it’s inherently more trusted than digital channels, delivering more recall and response than its digital equivalent. 

You may have given up on paper, but paper has never given up on you. Quality printed marketing is an important part of the B2B buyer journey, especially to build Brand trust and recognition; supported by digital campaigns and a dynamic, engaging website. Here are seven reasons every business owner should believe in the power of print!

It’s Competitive.

The web bandwagon has been very successful; even big publications like Newsweek have made the switch to digital-only. But in a world plagued by ad fatigue, more of the same may not be all that’s needed to give you an edge. Print material is like a breath of fresh air, and not just to your customers! Your marketing team will take great pride in a quality printed assets,  without the pressure of standing out in an oversaturated medium. Despite many elements of our lives going digital, no email or online ad can ever take the place of stunningly executed, physical printed brochure.

The same logic applies when it comes to making a powerful impression for your business. Build your Brand to create a meaningful and lasting connection with your customers with clear, smart designwork and beautifully printed materials! Research shows that print is well worth the investment — according to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, spending $1.00 on print advertising can generate an average of $12.57 in sales.

It’s Tangible.

Studies show that customers are 70% more likely to remember the printed marketing they received than one they saw online. That’s because print literally puts your brand in the customer’s hand, gaining their complete engagement and taking up physical space in their home, office or store. A web page disappears with the click of a button, but a brochure can see a month’s worth of foot traffic just by sitting on a table. The physical nature of print also offers it a level of credibility – if the content is permanent, it must be important, thoughtful and true. Brands should consider spend more money on print because it offers a tangible, human experience- the value of the marketing mindset lies in taking the human perspective, not the spreadsheet perspective. 

It Builds Trust.

Many Businesses and Customers trust print ads when making a purchase decision, especially in the B2B marketplace. Sure, the ease of publishing on digital channels makes it easy to reach a wide audience, but it also leads to increased levels of misinformation and untrustworthy content on the internet. By contrast, printed materials are still considered trustworthy by the majority of consumers. The quality of the paper, the texture, the look and feel- even the scent- create a rich experience with your Brand that when done right, translates to communicating trustworthiness and quality without needing to be said. 

It Creates Meaningful Moments.

A customer’s interaction with print is known as having ‘Moments with meaning’, compared to the ‘Micro moments’ they have with digital media. While micro-moments have the advantage of being measurable and monetised, moments with meaning provide greater engagement, higher quality content and a shared experience, ultimately leading to greater brand success. Great analogies those experiences of meaning moments is automatic opening doors replacing real doormen, and the value of paper invites compared to email.

It’s Adaptable.

Print is not the fossil it’s made out to be; in fact, it’s totally compatible with modern marketing technology! A creative print campaign can lead your customers to your website, social media account, or to send an email, and many businesses correlate their print and web designs for a cohesive brand. The back of a business card or brochure is also a perfect place for a QR code linked directly to your mobile platform. 

It’s Professional.

Nothing says “we’re here to stay” like personalized print materials. They reflect a business that’s polished and established, showing your customers that you’re invested, mindful, and creative when it comes to your brand. These days, anyone can create a website for free – with nearly 600 sites going live per minute, print lets consumers and competition know you’re the real deal, not a dime a dozen.

It’s Creative.

When innovative design meets provocative content, people can enjoy consuming advertising – and there’s no better medium than print to make it happen. We’re very visual creatures. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing so we’re easily absorbed and engaged with the creative elements of graphics & imagery. Our love of images lies with our cognition and ability to pay attention, combined with the physical on-paper experience of print with touch, feel and fold. Tangible material gives designers a whole new dimension to work with, allowing for unique textures and shapes that emphasize your brand. Content marketing works online, but for real resonance, let your customers pick up your print messaging and engage with the copy on a deeper level. A great printed work can feel like a magazine, associating your business with a lasting piece of art.

Demonstrate your commitment to brand quality by partnering with Inska Creative team,  who can help you get the job done right. Its important to remember that the quality and graphics of print materials are the most important to represent your brand and capturing the client’s attention. 

Your Inska Strategic Account Manager can help you plan, design and print:

• Brochures

• product guides, 

• catalogues, 

• capability statements 

• Corporate Profiles

• brand stationery

• Calendars & Charts

• Product packaging

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