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Web Strategy, Design, and Development


Web Strategy, Design, and Development

Your website is the front door to your business, and in many cases, the only entrance to your business. When customers visit your website, it’s often the only image and perception they have of your business. Getting your website right is not just a nice to have for your business; it’s a mission-critical event that can fundamentally affect your business. Inska helps you get this part of the equation right from the start.

Brand Strategy

Setting the Right Foundation

Contrary to popular belief, successful websites are not built on the best software frameworks – they are built on the right website strategy. Our combination of persona development, user experience research, and best practice yield website strategies that ensure what we create is useful and easy to maintain. Our website strategy process also incorporates elements like Search Engine Optimization, responsiveness, and scalable technologies.

The Inska Difference

Our website strategy process works for everything from a simple landing page to a complex e-commerce website. Employing a profoundly collaborative approach, we involve the client at every step of the strategy sessions, including persona development, technology selection, accessibility evaluation, and augmentation through third-party solutions. This approach ensures all projects are delivered to specifications, on time, and on budget.

Human-centric Design

Perfectly straddling functionality and aesthetics, our designs master the difficult art of pleasing both humans and machines. At the aesthetic front, we build beautiful websites that delight your users and regal them in an exceptional user experience. On the functionality side, not only do we design useful websites, but also websites that render well across all devices and browsers that your users use.

The Inska Difference

Inska employs a human-centric design philosophy that results in intuitive user experiences and delightful experiences. Our design process matches the best practice standards on the Internet, including Google’s Material Design process. Having designed hundreds of user experiences and websites, we are no stranger to the technical aspects of UI/UX design. Leveraging this specialized knowledge, we create intimately detailed websites that exceed expectations and drive substantial user engagement. 

Website Development

Elegantly Intuitive Yet Technically Powerful

The websites we build are visually appealing and technically competent. Creating digital solutions that perform at a high level yet remain consistent with your brand and objectives is what we are exceptionally great at. We have the experience and expertise to deliver across a broad range of websites, including:

  • Brochure Websites
  • Custom Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • CMS Websites (WordPress Websites)

The Inska Difference

Inska’s in-house team of web developers and technical SEO specialists develop websites built to perform and grow. As your business evolves and as Internet technologies evolve, our robust and durable websites absorb these changes. Moreover, we create websites that can be easily upgraded, updated, and augmented as your business needs change. Whether you want to start with a brochure site and evolve into an e-commerce entity, our web development process has you covered. 


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